About the BambooHR Integration

With Blissfully's BambooHR integration, you can trigger IT centric onboarding workflows in Blissfully whenever you hire a new employee in BambooHR. This enables you to manage SaaS application access and other IT tasks in Blissfully's SaaS management platform. Similarly, you can trigger offboarding workflows when offboarding an employee in BambooHR. Import your teams or departments from BambooHR to Blissfully.

Setting Up the Integration

1 - Go to Blissfully's integration page: https://app.blissfully.com/#/integrations/bambooHR

2 - Click BambooHR

3 - Enter your BambooHR account name and then authenticate your BambooHR


You must be a BambooHR customer and use Blissfully's premium offering to take advantage of this integration

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